Growth, Healing, Gratitude


Life certainly does not always go the way we planned it, and sometimes it just feels to be in complete opposition of all that we are. We strive for many things, yet we may not achieve any of those aspirations; however, we gain knowledge, and, hopefully, patience. There have been so many times in my life when I just couldn’t see the up side to any situation. Broken heart, empty pocket, my car as my home, but every single time, it worked out. It always has.

Occasionally, a conversation with a friend, or an acquaintance, can take me down memory lane. Often times those paths are not ones I have frequented, and tend to hurt, like the reopening of a wound. In these moments I have found peace, albeit after several failed attempts previously, nonetheless, peace. Peace within chaos, pain, angst, loneliness, fear, brokenness, as well as with the good, joy, happiness, excitement, and change.

Painful situations may not be the easiest to revisit, yet once we allow ourselves to face them, we can grow. Strength gained creates powerful tools, ones of which we can use our experiences to help others.  I’m learning that the choice is to be haunted & stay there, or to heal & move forward.  The keys, it seems, are forgiveness and patience.

Which leads me to believe we have so much more inside of us, and just THAT much more to offer once we allow ourselves to dive in. For some this may mean to relive a painful memory, but to watch it like a documentary, a film of some sort. To really take the outside perspective, to see how we could have behaved differently (if possible) to realize the valuable lesson therein the heartache, or to acknowledge that worse things have happened and we can now face (valiantly) that which we currently are in!

What a predicament life can put us in if we aren’t aware and truly living each moment of each day. Those unfortunate times can simmer in the background, burning holes in your heart, mind, and soul. Or, they can come to the forefront, be stirred a bit, which just might let that back burner cool down. There are those situations none of us want to face whether we were infected with another’s unhappiness, nature had a different plan, we were self-destructive, or whatever it was just didn’t work out. None of them are “fun” to redress, they may not heal fully for some time. But, I guarantee if we pull out of the deepest banks of positivity from within we can truly provoke change. We can heal. Even if it’s only a little each time, is that not worth investing our time and energy?

“Whatever you are thinking, you are attracting”

I think love. I think compassion. I think peace.

I think respect. I think honor. I think equality.

I think joy. I think gratitude. I think positively.

Thank you for reading these blogs, while I journey through life.


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