Expand. Dream. Breathe.

Touched my heart

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a  single step.” Confucious

* coincidentally not so much is done subconsciously as the forefront of the brain assumed.  for actions taken always stem in response to a previous experience, not often in a state of awareness.
* reach. go for it. do not let one naysayer thwart your actions.  breathe deep.
dream until you forget reality has yet to meet its future.
* form it. make life what you need it to be so you can do and be ALL your dreams you out to be.  be unconscious of nothing. your sub-conscience alleviates boundaries, guides you to the “why?”, “how?”, and even answers never expressed thoughts.
* allow the forefront part of your brain to expand.  to become one with reality.  meld.  EXIST.  gain awareness.
choose wisely.
* “Allow yourself to be changed.” -Cil Stengel (the best improv, drama, speech teacher and life coach to grace this planet)
More to come…