Like a Tree

There are so many things that happen every single day in our lives that are unplanned, right? No matter how much we plan and schedule, things change without our consent. Whether we like it or not, we must be malleable to cope with inconsistencies and unavoidable happenings. The gravity of these events may vary, but all can add negative stress. Unless we learn how to work with it, letting the wind blow us in its own direction, while keeping our feet grounded. By allowing ourselves some give, some “sway” (if you will) we can feel the circumstances, yet keep our root system thriving.

In the past year I have experiences much sway…

The tree, with branches having been shorn of her leaves, resulted in bare branches. Bare branches, although unkempt and harsh in appearance, mean room for new growth, and grow she did. After being completely, abruptly, and painfully uprooted, taken from a small clay pot whose sides were cracking–from a budding root system that had long outgrown it’s home–the tree was bound to wither a bit. The transplant from pot to earth was not as easy or glamorous as it seemed to others from the outside. The tree noticed that some of the other trees were jealous, some angry, others confused, only judging only from what they witnessed–the roots being freed from her clay prison. However, what they didn’t see, was how the shovel seemed to hit the concrete with such velocity with no progress–repeatedly. With every strike to the pavement with shovel and pick, the tree refused to give in to the drought and lack of ground. Finally a small breakthrough, and the starved roots at once felt the soil, absorbing the dirt like medicine, earth and rain surged through the veins of her trunk. In no time, the tree began a new growth spurt, and within only few months, it felt as though the entire root system was almost completely healed and nearly whole.

The tree stood tall, strong, unwavering, certain of its purpose. Believing she was doing all in her (current) power to positively affect others, by emitting clean air–joy, love, compassion–and trying to cause the world to smile more, the tree felt stronger than ever! But, suddenly she was swung at with an ax! The ax did not come at her base, for the axman knew the trunk was far too strong now to take her down from the bottom. He swung so fast, and so unexpectedly, the tree swayed and sap poured from shock, pain, and confusion about the new wound. He (the axman) apologized, immediately realizing the gravity of his actions. The tree held her breath and tried to not cave. Then, breathing in deeply, and releasing energy into her roots, she fell into deep slumber.

Awaking the next morning, she reached her branches out, stretching to the outermost parts of her space, she realized despite the blow, she had grown all the more during the night! Her wound was budding a new leaf already! With great joy, and an abundance of peace, she allowed the broken branch to fall, and breathed in the air about her, as she imagined what the new birth would look like in just a few days. She smiled to herself, and lifted her spirit upward and arms outward once again, saying “thank you” to the axman for having prompted new growth–albeit unexpected, a “thank you” to her environment for sharing its energy with her, and a “thank you” to the universe for bringing her to life once more. From that moment on, the tree new she had only just begun, and one short-lived branch dying may have been the ending of something, but would bring about many more brighter, stronger, and long-lasting branches. She knew, in her heart of hearts, she still had a lot of living to do, and now felt renewed and able to continue her own growth, meanwhile still helping others around her!

They say to bloom where you’re planted, and we should. But, sometimes we outgrow our surroundings, our souls long for a challenge. I encourage you to strive for more, go for it. Whatever it is you haven’t had, but want so badly, go get it. Make it happen. No one else is going to do this for you. Now is your time to grow, to chase your dreams, to compete with your past personal best. Seize the moments you’re given, and if you aren’t given moments, make moments. Find the time, create space. Don’t give in, or give up! I firmly believe that for very door that closes at least three more opened just as you were leaving the last. Know that one day you will look back and see that either you gave it your all, or you gave in. Your call.