May’s (Vegan Cuts) box o’ goodies

First of all, I must start by saying how much FUN this Vegan Cuts box was to open! It felt like someone mailed me a christmas stocking in May! I loved everything, but I’m only covering my favorites for fear of writing a novel! Immediately upon opening, I saw the lip balm by Meow Meow Tweet in the Rosemary Eucalyptus flavor. My initial reaction was: Interesting! Fortunately, this balm is far more than just interesting. I actually LOVE the way it glides on, and use it on the regular. It nourishes your lips, and leaves a bit of a tingle behind, which I think is just perfection. If you haven’t tried this brand, you definitely must! (Also, you should follow these guys on IG, they always post fun pics!)

Next, I saw the Mila’s Roasted Peppers and Artichoke Bruschetta spread. I may or may not have (okay, I totally did) squealed out loud when I held this tiny jar of goodness. And, might I add, it was equally, if not 100x’s better, than I had anticipated! This stuff was AMAZING in my homemade hummus avocado dip! Holy cow. It’s just the right amount of bold flavor and salt, without being too pungent and obtrusive. I wanted to eat it with pasta! Anyway, guess who’s gonna be placing an order? (That was a rhetorical question… obviously I am!;) ) Furthermore, I’d be a liar if I didn’t admit to eating that hummus avocado dip and Mila’s Bruschetta WITH the Food Should Taste Good Sweet Potato Chips. Because of those tortilla wonders, I am forever ruined against other chips. They all pale in comparison! Next time you make hummus, or are headed to a party, grab a bag. They will not disappoint.

OH MY! The Oloves! YUMTASTIC. I love olives. But, usually they’re tainted with lactic acid, or stuffed with cheese, or loaded with salt. Not these guys. These little lemon, garlic wonders were an outstanding snack, and I was so incredibly sad to see them go. Then of course the 22 Days PB & Chocolate Chip Nirvana bar…whoa. Now this little guy was a real treat! I had just finished a competition and to be able to consume a delicious little bar of chocolatey, peanut buttery, protein goodness was like a dream come true. And, with 20 grams of protein, it is totally not just a snack devoid of nutrients. Not to mention their rad packaging, and that the bar is raw. All sorts of amazing qualities here!!

I save the best for last, because this stuff might bring you to your knees. One night in the middle of May I was feeling particularly hungry for nachos. Now, mind you, I generally don’t give in to cravings with such veracity, but this night called for a real cheat meal. I used a spicy blue corn (non-GMO & vegan) tortilla chip, beans, avocado, salsa verde, local salsa, fresh cilantro, and (the moment I’d been so waiting for) the Teese Vegan Cheese made in the Windy City! This cheese is RIDIC. Once my tongue tasted it’s schmeltiness (no that’s not a word, but it’s the only way to describe this gooey goodness), there was no stopping. I cannot wait until I’m through with this competition prep so I can use the Teese again, this time on a homemade, gluten free, gargantuan pizza. This cheesiness would be divine melted onto a gardein chick’n strips, grilled tofu, or even to make cheesy garlic bread. It’s totally worth trying.

Disclaimer: I cannot guarantee you will be able to stop ;)

All in all, this box rocked my crew socks!! :)

You should definitely look into their stuff!!! Click here to see their site: Vegan Cuts They are truly stocked with all sorts of amazing goodies!!!

Happy Monday!