Mini Update

What do you do when you’ve moved across the entire U.S., from the very West Coast to the East, because you have no job or place to live there, yet finding a job and a place to live in a new place took longer than anticipated? You LEARN. You GROW. You CHANGE. Why? Because you have to! We moved here, not knowing if it was permanent or if it was temporary, not knowing what the end goal was other than we knew we needed a different environment, space to improve ourselves, and use our talent, to not feel thwarted any longer. So, we set out two months ago on a journey, an adventure.

My partner has an impeccable ability to save, and I sold pretty much everything I could think of, and got rid of excess stuff, we left with a suitcase and one bag each, a little money, love, wherewithall, and confidence that we could make it. I assure you every day has not been easy, as time progressed money got tighter, there have been stressful days, and I’m sure, more than once or twice, we have wondered if we jumped the gun. But, with a lot of diligent work, searching, writing, interviewing, and just plain ol’ fashioned hustling, we are okay. It’s all coming together, we are stronger individuals than we were before we left, we have learned, grown, and changed.

Lately, it has been particularly interesting because I have only just begun working, making finances a challenge. However, we are learning frugality. Which, if you’ve ever been to NYC, can be no easy feat! However, this past week or so we have found some incredible ways to cut costs, and we sort of have made it a game. We have found a coffee shop that offers $1.50 strong, tasty coffee, and a salad bar that after 8pm is 1/2 off, making a pound of organic, vegan food only $4.49/lb!! So, we go after 8pm to get dinner, and stock up for lunch the next day. It’s genius, delicious, and very creative! Last night we had roasted beets with a tofu scramble, pesto tofu, snap peas… I mean, when you don’t have a full kitchen and want to eat clean, this is prime!

Workouts have been increasingly difficult in the city as well, because in the neighborhood we first started out in gym memberships were $169/mo and up! I have long since found other gyms that have much more reasonable prices, and have free guest passes, like New York Sports Club at $60/mo or so, and Planet Fitness at $20/mo, thanks to vegan friends like Jehina Malik and Honey LaBronx! But, let me tell you, when you are feining to be fit, you will do anything! I have been doing yoga in the bedroom, squats with a workout band, pushups, calf raises, crunches, plank, dips on the desk, making it a point to walk instead of taking the subway, taking the stairs instead of elevator… and, it is no exaggeration to say that on a minimum we will walk 5 miles a day, and have charted 12-18 mile days repeatedly. “Where there is a will, there is a way.”

I had a killer workout this week at the New York Sports Club where my friend–Jehina Malik mentioned above–is a trainer. Beside being incredibly sore, I also am re-inspired, excited, and re-energized for what lies ahead of us. I am so hopeful about this journey we have set out on and I know there will be so much to share as time goes on, but for now, I just needed to spread my gratitude and hopefully inspire others to pursue that which drives you!!! GO AFTER IT!!!!!