rEVOLutionary Thinking

Well, hello my friends. I’m sorry I’ve been away so long. I thought by now I would have some organic epiphany in my life, but no such event has yet to transpire. However, I have had a lot of life changes.

As some of you may know, initially I had taken a job in retail management here in the city, intoxicated by the promise of consistent pay and benefits. Due to my passion for social ethics and equality, before I took the job I wrote the company to be sure the shoes were only canvas and made under fair labor laws. I got a brief email back saying “yes” to both. I was elated, and felt I had made a grand decision. Unfortunately, within a few days of taking the position, and turning down an offer at a vegan, fine-dining restaurant, misinformation was revealed. The shoes, all of them, are made in sweat shops in Vietnam. My heart broke. Above all else, I stand for equality of all life, and now here I was subject to reducing others’ lives all for a consistent paycheck. As time went on, I learned there were leather shoes, cashmere shoes, and, brace yourselves, seats covered in unsheared lambskin. After only a few months, the realization hit that this was not only NOT ideal, I could not go on. I felt as though I was dying inside a bit more each day. Nauseated and sad, I shuffled into my place of work morning to night, feeling like I had all at once become the very cause of the problems I wished to end.

Just when I thought I had to either be unemployed, or literally become a part of the problem, I was offered a position at the vegan restaurant again! I immediately put in my two weeks notice, and began training. The past few weeks have been cram-packed, and I haven’t had a day off, but I know what the end goal is. I know that at the end of this week I am stepping into emotional and mental freedom. I am now offering organic, cruelty-free food to my customers, instead of cringing while selling a cashmere shoe with a leather insole to a woman who has more than likely never faced homelessness or known true hunger, nor been subject to cold metal apparatus’ hooked to her breasts immediately after giving birth to her baby… See, my heart is unable, and unwilling, to detach from the knowledge in my brain, I cannot see the world without the lenses of compassion & love given me through my experience as a vegan. Forever I will be grateful for the experience I had in the retail management position, but my gratitude is two-fold for the opportunity to go into my place of work from here on out with a clean conscience by not contributing to the very issues I vehemently abhor.

Another truly amazing aspect of my life this past week has been a book, by Carol J. Adams, called The Sexual Politics of Meat. Never before has a book resounded more with my moral code as a whole. It feels as though this woman is writing the words I have yet to write, speaking egregious truths and exposing realities most of society refuses to acknowledge. I am working on a separate blog dedicated purely to what I have learned, realized, and am applying to my life due to the content within the binding of her cover. Utterly incomparable.

Last, but certainly not least, I am the new proud member of Planet Fitness. I have only been able to use the gym on a guest pass with my dear friend, Ben (Honey LaBronx) was available. I was unable to go yesterday due to being away for work the entire day, but I am going tonight, tomorrow after work, Saturday before work… ;) I am really excited to finally be back on track fully!!

It’s funny, and fascinating, how life works out. Within two weeks I have a new job and finally can afford a gym membership. Coincidence? Or is this the way of being blessed for making the right, moral, just, and loving choice? I’d like to think it is the latter.

Listen your heart, do what is right (with love), and the rest will follow.

Be blessed my friends. More importantly, bless others with your actions, words, and thoughts.