Vegan Health Documentary

In August I was clicking around on trying to find a job, and got a wild hair to type in “vegan”. Only 4 or 5 jobs popped up, three of which were completely unrelated, the other two seemed worthwhile, so I applied. The first was a job as a cook and nanny for a family of 4 that wanted to eat vegan and vegetarian, the other for a documentary. I never heard back on the nanny job, which was disappointing, but not the end of the world. However, only a few days later, I heard back on the documentary. I was ecstatic because my heart is in theatre, dancing, acting, film, I would do about anything to get involved. So, we set up a time for me to interview.

When I made it to the interview it was initially going to be me doing the transcription for the documentary. The film was started by a woman who studied at the Institute for Integrative Nutrition that believes that a vegan diet/lifestyle can help, if not heal and cure, cancer. Within a few short minutes of us talking, she showed me the Vegan Health and Fitness magazine, special Plant Built edition, where she had seen the entire Plant Built team, including myself. That interview transpired into so much more! Now, as of next week, I get to be a part of the documentary, talking to the patients about staying faithful to their diets for best results, home workouts, and so on. I am so blessed and grateful for this opportunity, but not only this documentary.

This experience just builds onto my ever evolving belief that if we stay focused, positive, and diligent toward our goals and dreams, they will come to us. I am (we are) so fortunate to live in a world where food is easily accessible, there is clean drinking water, a roof overhead, clothing, and a generally safe environment. Not everyone is so lucky, & should I ever take for granted all I’ve been given would mean I have failed. To know whatever I want to pursue is available to me is a gift, and one not to be taken lightly. My heart is so full of gratitude, appreciation, and love for everyone who has influenced me, crossed my path, and inspired me, without everyone, and without the privileges I am surrounded by, I would not be here. I only hope to share and give back to the world that which has been bestowed upon me.

I am blessed, and due to those blessings, I have the capacity to bless others in immeasurable ways. This is both my greatest delight and challenge.