whatever you do, don’t say no…

beauty in the midst of a storm

Cil is my improvisational theatre teacher.  She makes the most of our class time. and is never without astounding, yet simple, words of wisdom.  Often she will push the class to do things we’ve never done, and accept whatever offer we are given in the present scene.  ”Say ‘YES’!”", she yells midway into a sentence where we may be skeptic and wishing the person had said anything but what they said.

Never turn down an offer.  Don’t plan.  Just accept what’s given to you, and make it the best thing that could’ve happened.

I’ve learned a lot about theatre, and embracing my inner weirdness that really isn’t far below the surface.  Yet, the most important things I’ve learned from this class with Cil, do not necessarily pertain to improv, or theatre.  Instead, what I’ve learned from Cil is to say ‘yes’ to life. Whatever it is I’m given in the present moment, to run with it. To make the moments I’m given the best they could be, to make them positive, to seize the greatness!

A prime example of this was when I was in LA for Vegan Bodybuilding and Vegan Health & Fitness magazine photo shoots. Toward the end of the week I was exhausted, we had been running our tails off and it had just been go, go, go…. Well, I was asked to model for Elizabetta Rogiani. She didn’t really describe what it was going to be, but I love her clothes and I just found myself saying “yes” despite my present exhaustion.

The photo shoot was INCREDIBLE! First of all, I was shot by Robert Reiff!! Big deal. Secondly, I was paid and received a top and pair of capris for being her model.  Now, had I not been conditioned as of recent to say “yes” this may not have all come to fruition. Thankfully I was/am, and I will now be on her website presenting the summer collection!!

In small ways this theory works too, though. By saying yes to what life gives you, opens up many, many doors.  ”Allow yourself to be changed!” as Cil would also say. When we say “yes” we incite change in our lives.  Furthermore, by saying “YES!” and allowing ourselves to change also gives us freedom to grow, for movement within our person…

A challenge she gave us one weekend was our choice of three things. 1) Introduce our family to an improv game 2) say “yes” to one person all weekend (whatever they asked we did happily) or 3) we said to everyone all weekend.  I chose 3 as it seemed the most difficult.  Come to find out, it wasn’t so bad ;). The hardest part was just remembering to acknowledge every time when it was happening!! There is much to be changed and moved, if we just allow the space for it……

So, what say you?! Wanna join in on the fun?!  Are you willing to face a challenge :)

we got this <3