Beauty Compassion Love Vegan Tank

Beauty Compassion Love Vegan Tank



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What is BCLV?
Beauty. Compassion. Love. Vegan.
To be truly beautiful, or to emit beauty, one must be beautiful from the inside out, right? What better way to shine than to live a compassionate, loving lifestyle!? And, just what is the compassionate lifestyle? A vegan lifestyle–completely plant-based, not consuming or using any animal bi-product, not marginalizing on any other life.
Shining beauty while living out compassion and love through a vegan lifestyle is what these tanks promote.

About the product and logo….

LOGO: Elephants by nature are very others oriented–they look after one another. Also, coincidentally, they are herbivores! Plus, I just think they are ADORABLE!

PRODUCT: Made in the USA, assembled in the USA, printed in the USA.
Why USA? Frankly, if all lives are important, & all lives are equal, and if I want to live a truly cruelty-free life, then my product needs to be as such. Items made and assembled in the US assures that corporations adhere to Fair Labor Laws where employees are given decent wages and not capitalized upon unfairly.

In short: BCLV is NOT cool with disenfranchised lives of any kind!!

Thanks for your interest and support, now go be awesome! :)