We have all fallen prey to lackadaisical living, we have allowed ourselves to become complacent.  Perhaps there were emotional, physical, or financial set backs that caused us to arrive at this halted juncture.  Regardless of the reason, we all need something or someone to be our catalyst for change.  Sometimes we need a bigger prod than others, although at times it can be as small as a friendly gesture or a quote.  For me, more recently, I needed to see someone else living their dreams, I needed some one-on-one time of that someone sharing their passion and drive, their “hustle”.
I just spent a week in LA with the infamous Robert Cheeke and his girlfriend, Karen. Not only was the trip amazing, and shock full of great surprises and opportunities, as well as delicious food and sweet company, but the real stellar moments were experienced, for me, in the back seat of the Prius on the 90.  As we left Hollywood BLVD we were all exhausted and in dire need of sleep.  However, we had a 40 minute drive back, so Robert started talking about business.
During the, seemingly never ending, drive home he covered quite the gamut of information, too much for me to attempt to disclose in a blog.  The overall gist of the conversation left me craving change, desiring to go HARD after what I want, me dreams, my passion.  To stop doing something I don’t love just to meet needs and pay bills.  Instead, to strive with all of me to achieve my dreams, to pursue a different approach.  By the end of the ride home, I found my wheels were turning on overdrive.  Not only was I inspired beyond belief, I also felt like someone just gave me the secret to life.  That not only being grateful for where I am, putting my goals out there, but finding creative new ways to obtain that which I dream of constantly.
Be creative.  Put yourself out there.  Go farther, do more work than others are willing to put in, make your dreams an action.  Although I’m not quite sure what steps I need to take first, I’m taking them as they come.  Life is not as planned as we like to think of it, every moment something changes in our paradigm.  We must be willing to view it as such, to grasp whatever changes are plausible.  To seek out those initial movements, will, in turn, allow great shifts in our futures.  Recognizing, of course, that money will never satiate the hearts longing, but living out the love and compassion of veganism can.
Sometimes in the midst of our daily chaos, we lose sight of the big picture, we forget our dreams. Or, maybe we just lose a part of ourselves, our passion. My encouragement this week: surround yourself with others whose passion is contagious, with those whom are driven daily for their dreams, people who are motivated for good.  Do not allow a set-back of any kind to depict where you’re headed.  You truly can control things as they come to you, good and bad.  How we react or respond can make or break the outcome of the next step!
My personal goal this week: MAKE time for changes, seek out opportunities, create my own way, my own job, my own future.  I can’t say that by next Sunday I will be living my life exactly how I dream, but I also can’t say I wont either ;) Regardless, I am going to throw myself into seeking change, and creating movement.