Vegan NY

so far my journey in NYC has been nothing short of an interesting adventure. i’ve been here for 2 weeks with my partner and we have been exploring, food “tasting”, and doing the NY hustle. i’m struggling to find a gym that really suits me, and my budget! part of that struggle, however, is that it’s hard to make time away from the computer to go workout when there are job searches to be had, interviews, and articles to write… but, today i take a break from all of that to reconnect with you all here.

as most, if not all, of you know, New York is one of the most expensive places to live in the u.s. in fact, i think it is the #1 most expensive place to live. so, in order to make it here one has to network, work like mad, and forfeit other things to make a go of it. so far, it’s just been a lot of busy work, and now it’s a waiting game. some of the most interesting things i’ve learned so far being here:

1) it’s rare, and refreshing, to find another girl my age (mid-20′s ish) that will not only smile, but be friendly to you. so, when that happens i cherish the moments, and hope to connect again. that being said, i haven’t made any new friends here yet…it will happen, but it definitely makes me appreciate the friends i do have in an even greater capacity. <3

2) cars, cabs, and bikes don't stop for you if you're in the walk. even if the walk signal is a go. self-defense is huge. furthermore, if you walk when the red hand of death is up…you could die. i had a cabbie actually peel out as i walked across yesterday. i'm learning haha! ;)

3) vegan food is crazy accessible here, especially in the east village where i currently am. there are raw, vegan restaurants, stores, ice cream, tacos, burgers, bakeries, etc on every corner. if you can't find a place to eat vegan in nyc, you're not looking. granted some places, like Long Island city are really scarce on veg options, but williamsburg (there is even a vegan bar there), bushwick, east village, chelsea, west village, midtown, uptown… you get the point. pretty much anywhere in manhattan there is vegan eats at your fingertips to your heart's content.

4) if you want to go uptown (west) for part of the day, but need to be in lower east side later, you really need to budget your time! mta has an awesome app for making trips like that super easy and brainless. download the app, plot your trip, and go. the only catch is making sure you take the train uptown not to bk, etc :)

5) if you are on a budget, like we are, plan ahead. we budget x amount every day, and know that in order to stay under that budget we better make sandwiches, pack fruit, etc. thankfully, trader joes and whole foods are pretty convenient/close by and will save you money in the long-run.

6) craigslist, backstage, and are your best friends for finding jobs in the serving industry, stage/theatre work, just make sure your resume is neat, concise, and not shy. in other words, don't downplay yourself. if you've got a talent, be open about it…. i'm still trying to get this down without feeling like a narcissistic, self-absorbed person! but, again, working on it!

7) starbucks has become my second living room. i can't stay home all day or i get side-tracked and do everything else BUT my work. so, an iced or hot tea for $2 is an investment i'm willing to make in order to really get things done.

8) i now cannot wait to blog ALL about this journey. there will be a couple in depth reviews coming… food, fitness, experiences….

9) any one could do what i'm doing. i'm not special, it's not rocket science, nor is it impossible. you just have to take initiative, go hard after what you want, and push, push, push. i have a second interview for a great job tomorrow, i have two hosting jobs… it's just a matter of hustling and knowing what you want. we sold everything and took a chance.

10) that being said, i couldn't have done this without my partner. truthfully, i wouldn't be here if it weren't for him. his belief in me, in dreams, in rising above the norm, his pursuit of change. i have no doubt in my mind this would be 1,000,0000 x's harder without him in so many ways. i am so thankful for him!

*in light of #9, i want to encourage you, wherever you are. if you are unhappy, unhealthy, feeling trapped, disappointed, craving more…. go get it. do whatever it takes to make those changes. go hard after what you want. be kind. be compassionate. be confident. you can and should live your dreams.

i have to go for now….but this is to be continued :)

with peace, health, joy, determination, and passion,